Environmental Protection Policy



Environmental policy of Accumular Ltd is to:

  • protect the environment and human health creating long-term business value in waste management
  • promote sustainable development with the application of knowledge and positive goals in cooperation with customers
  • contribute to the proper treatment of waste in accordance with Croatian and international regulations, working with experts in the treatment of waste in renowned international corporations
  • provide treatment method of waste treatment "R" (recovery) with the use of valuable properties of waste whenever possible
  • promote the principles of environmental protection, safety and ethics


Environmental protection policy completes basic business objectives of Accumular Ltd that are:

  • building relationships based on trust, clarity and quality
  • safe and economic waste management
  • design of solutions depending on the needs and demands of clients – tailor-made solution
  • operations conducted in the spirit of the principles of ecology and sustainable development, with positive economical approach and the application of principles